International Journal of Pediatrics and Neonatology

Vol. 3, Issue 1, Part A (2021)

A male child with parry romberg syndrome


Omar Abdulqader Ajaj

Parry Romberg Syndrome (PRS) is a rare syndrome of unknown etiology. The most important features of this pathology are the one side facial atrophy, enophthalmy, the angle of the mouth and nose were a deviated to the affected side, and hyper-pigmented affected side. PRS is mostly misdiagnosed due to problem in recognizing its clinical features and the rarity of the disease. The diagnosis of PRS was made clinical. We present a nine-year-old boy, with the complaint of gradually progressive right side facial asymmetry with right thinning of face, the eyeballs were asymmetrical positioned and right side enopthalamus, the angle of mouth and nose were a deviated to the right side, and a big cutaneous linear dark pigmented scar was noticed on the right side of forehead, around the eye, nose, cheek, and chin. To our knowledge, there is no published large-scale clinical trial on the Parry Romberg Syndrome, there are few cases were published in the literatures. This is the first case of Parry Romberg Syndrome described in Iraq.

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